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Cosmetic Lip micro pigmentation

Everyone would love full luscious lips and healthy colour. After a lip micro pigmentation treatment you never have to be worried about smearing lipstick on your teeth, colour bleeding on the edges of your mouth during drinking and eating. You can always be relaxed that your lip colour will never wear off.

You can choose the shape and colour of your lip. We recommend you bring your everyday lipstick with you to ensure that we match a colour you are most comfortable with. If you want only lip liner, please bring you lip liner as well.

Lip liner is great for everyone who wants to have a clear definition for their lips.

Lip blush is ideal for ladies and gentleman who just want the appearance of that “just bitten” look.

Full lips treatment is perfect for those who want fuller looking lips. Full lip micro pigmentation is far more effective than botox or fillers.

A “Full Lip” treatment is a combination of lip liner, lip blush and full lip colour.


Who will benefit from this treatment?

1. Those with no definite lip shape or no symmetry

2. People who lost the shape and colour of their lips as a result of scars or injury

3. Darker colour lips as the result of smoking

4. Those with thin or pale lips

5. Sun damaged lips

6. People who like a more defined lip shape to emphasise or enhance the shape of their mouth

7. Those with very prominent crease line over their lips

8. Those who are sick of buying lip stick and lip liner and don’t like to consume chemical products of their lip stick anymore

Eyeliner & Eyelash Enhancement

The eyes are the GEM of the face.


Eyeliner is the easiest way to enhance the beauty of the eyes. You can have eye liner on just the top, just the bottom, or on both the top and bottom (it is entirely up to you).


Applying eyelash enhancement at the same time with top eyeliner is highly recommended. We will explain everything during your consultation. 


Who will benefit from this treatment?

1. Those having difficulty applying eye liner because of poor sight or unsteady hands

2. Those allergic to regular eye makeup, causing eyes to water or itch

3. Those with thin or non-existent lashes

4. Allergic eyes

5. Those who want to look years younger

6. Pale eyes

7. Oily skin causing make up to smear

8. Small eyes needing definition and shape

9. Those wearing contact lenses

10. People who are too busy to care about their appearance 24/7

11. People who are physically active (sports), beach lovers, swimmers and those who want to look good all the time.


For those who don’t want to look like they have any makeup on their eyes, we highly recommend eyelash enhancement as it builds up a dark base line along the eyelashes bed and gives a strong definition to your eyes, which in turn, will simply make your eyelashes appear thicker and darker.


3D Eyebrow Hair Stroke

Eyebrow Intervention/Eyebrow Tattoo


How can eyebrows change your look?  Wrong eyebrow shape or no eyebrows have an extremely negative effect on your appearance.  For example, it can make your eyes look aged and droopy or give a wrong impression of being always tired or upset.


Using the latest digital technology 3D feathering, your eyebrows can be strengthened, defined and shaped with delicate 3D strokes of pigment that infused into your skin. This process allows you to cheat your way to an anti-ageing flattering shape that you have always wished to have but never been able to achieve with makeup alone. 


Examples include the following.                                               

Over plucked eyebrow



These conditions normally give your face too much expression and do not define your features or compliment your eyes as much as they should.


 Flat Shapeless eyebrow




Uneven eyebrow




Unnatural eyebrow




The length and style of your eyebrows can vary based on your features.  It is important that your eyebrows sit along your natural eyebrow line.


Natural shapes with adequate arch in the right place make your overall appearance very attractive and naturally more feminine.

Clown Eyebrows (with arch in the wrong place)




It is crucial for the eyebrows to have arches in the correct place; otherwise they will look like clown eyebrows which will give you a permanent ‘surprised’ look.

Heavily Pencilled Brows





Most women use brow pencil as a vital part of their daily make up routine to fill, reshape and recreate eyebrows. It is easy to over load your eyebrows with pencil which make them look uneven, slanted and unrealistic.

Perfect Shaped Brows






Eyebrows not only frame the eyes, but emphasize our facial expressions.

Eyebrows balance the face and subtly direct others to look at our eyes during a conversation.

A well-shaped, strong brow line provides a finished, polished look and visually gives an instant lift to the eyes. 

Perfect eyebrow shape can easily fix the wide set eyes, close set eyes, droopy eyelids, humpy face etc.

Special conditions                                         

There are very common hair loss disorders that can leave you with very little or no eyebrow hair, some of these disorders can be mentioned as; alopecia, chemotherapy, thyroid diseases, scars, cuts and burns on eyebrows.


You will be amazed to see how permanent eyebrow pigmentation can enhance your beauty and change your appearance. 


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