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If you have any concern about the following conditions, you can always find the best professional advice and treatment at Mermaid Health & Beauty Clinic. Any sign of aging and premature aging, sun damage and pigmentation, lack of elasticity and collagen, acne and breakouts, black heads and black pores, blemishes, dryness, skin tone, tired and stressed skin, milia dehydration, lymphatic drainage, rosacea and open pores ...



Mini Facial - 1/2 hr

Based on your skin type we will do our best for you
Relaxing full Facial 1 hr
Stress release  
Hydrating full Facial 1 hr 

For dry, mature and dehydrated skin (Iontophoresis by Galvanic)

Purifying full Facial 1 hr 

For oily and congested skin with black heads /pores (Extraction - desincrustation by Galvantic)

Acne full Facial 1 hr 

For acne & blemished skin (Germicidal - Direct High Frequency by Ozone)


Anti-aging full Facial 1 hr 

For dry, mature, sensitive, nervous & tensed skin (Indirect High Frequency)


Professional Organic Honey/herbs Facial 1 hr 

For all skin types, incredibly natural and pure antioxidant facial


24 Carat pure Gold anti-aging Facial 90 min 

Gold facials are only available at top salons throughout the world

You'll get the 24 Carat gold mask literally, Microdermabrasion, LED & Collagen


Claims of this treatment are as follows.
   * Penetrates the skin and has revitalising and rejuvenating effects 
   * Facilitates removal of toxins and wastes 
   * Assists lymphatic drainage 
   * Improves blood circulation 
   * Enhances skin elasticity 
   * Accelerates cell renewal 
   * Reverses oxidation damage 


Purifying Black mask Facial 1 hr 

Removing all black heads and black pores by black mask 


Milia removing facial 1 hr 

Making your skin ready with special enzyme and steam before removing milia in order to minimise the risk of permanent scaring and tissue damage


(for all facials & microdermabrasion medical consultation form is necessary)



Professional ALGO mask 20 min

A real vector of hydration, real moisturizing, brings elasticity & radiance to the skin ALGO mask is rich in mineral extracts, magnesium and calcium

Lifting minute mask (Anti Age) 15 min

Flash results in 5 minutes flat, instant lifting effects, a genuine “de-wrinkle”

Anti dark circle and puffiness mask 15 min
Decreases the puffiness and help with dark patches around eyes

Mermaid fresh organic mask 15 min

Made specifically for your skin condition, please notify us a day before your facial appointment to provide fresh ingredients

Cold eye pack mask 15 min
Anti fatigue & anti stress
Black mask 15-20 min
For black pores and black heads 
100% Pure regenerating Collagen Mask 15- 20 min 
Helps plump-up and increase skin elasticity 


Pure Vitamin C and E mask 15 min 

Highly recommended for all mature skin 


24 Carat Pure Gold mask 30 min

Cleopatra is rumored to have done it every night -- covered her face in a pure gold mask but you don't have to be the queen of Egypt to afford it


Eyes & Eyebrows
Eyebrow shape & tidy
Eyebrow tint
EyeLash tinting
The process of dying your eyelahes in order to make them look darker. You can choose from a selection of black, jet black, blue black and brown shades in order to match your hair, skin and eye coulor.
Eyelash perm

Designed to give straight eyelashes an attractive upwards curl without Mascara


Lashes are treated with a special German product, and then wrapped around a  roller, there are 3 different size of rollers, depends how curly you want your eyelashes to be. The perming solution is applied to the upturned lash and then it is left to set. The result lasts for 6 to 8 weeks. Perfect for holiday, parties, weddings, proms and photo-shoots.


The process is 45 minutes 

Eyelash extension

They are applied to each individual natural eyelash one by one for a natural, beautiful and luscious look.




Upper Lip

Full Face





Minimizing fine lines & wrinkles

Minimizing enlarged pores

Minizing mild acne scars

Smoothing rough, thickened and course skin

Evening out some uneven pigmentation

Cleaning the dead cells and opening clogged pores

Stimulating collagen

Giving a more youthful and even complexion

Skin toning


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