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"Advanced needling treatment"

Dermapen is a device that contains a cartridge with micro size needles. The disposable cartridge is packed in a sterile container. When the cartridge is attached to dermapen, it moves the needles rapidly back and forth on the skin and creates microscopic holes in the skin. These injuries will trigger an immune system response in body, sending out collagen repair cells and fibroblasts. Over a period of weeks these new cells will repair the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, open pores, improve the texture, thickness and complexion of the skin, reduce acne scars, stretch marks and chicken pox scars and will help to tighten the skin to achieve a much healthier skin over all.


Dermapen is relatively painless and treatments are performed after application of an anesthetic cream. The small size of the Dermapen allows treatment in hard to reach areas such as around the eyes, lips and nose.


A general guide to the number of treatments required is as follows.

  • Rejuvenation 4-6 treatments, 4 weeks apart

  • Acne scarring 6 treatments, 2 weeks apart

  • Stretch marks approximately 10 treatments, 3 weeks apart

Treatments take 30 – 60 minutes. There may be some redness of the treated area for 12 – 48 hours after treatment and possibly light scabbing, but this can be covered using a camouflage make-up. Dermapen™ can be complemented with peels, dermal fillers and botulinum treatment.

See above for number of treatments required for effects to occur.

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